If you always have too many bottles of shampoo and not enough conditioners, you need this cabinet.

rollout in bathroom for web watermarked1Do you find yourself with too many bottles of shampoo but not enough conditioners?  Maybe you have no real idea when you are about to run out soap, bathroom cleaning products or the like so you end up buying these items each time you go to the grocery store – “just to be on the safe side.”

If you find yourself doing these things, it is symptomatic of a bathroom storage issue.  You may one of the lucky few to have lots of cabinet space in the bathroom, but without a cabinet or linen closet with roll-outs, you can never really ever be sure what’s lurking way in the back.

We added a built-in linen closet into this bathroom.   The top portion has traditional shelving for extra towels and such, but the bottom portion has four roll-out shelves.   You never want roll-outs in the top portion because it’s too high, you’ll never be able to stand and see what’s in the back.   In this case, the top portion of the linen closet is being used for towels and bulky storage like cases of toilet paper.  If you aren’t purchasing toilet paper by-the-case you are missing out on the great pricing.  More importantly, though, you are missing out on that luxurious and secure feeling of  knowing that there’s always plenty of toilet paper in the house.

The bottom two shelves in the roll-out section are being used for cleaning products and toiletries.  With the two-upper shelves in the roll-out portion used for smaller hand towels, wash cloths and the like.   Now all this client has to do is roll out the shelf to easily see what products need to be replenished.  There’s no guesswork and no fighting with trying to look in the very back of a dark inaccessible cabinet.

Roll-out shelving has traditionally been used in kitchens but they’re excellent in any part of the home where you are storing relatively small items that can get lost in the back of a static shelf.  We’ve used roll-out shelving for clients in their home-office, craft-rooms, closets, kitchens and bathrooms (as pictured here).   The placement of the roll-out shelves is completely up to the our customer’s discretion and actually changeable on a whim.  We make it easy to change placement of the shelves – an important feature because your needs will change over time.




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